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23 January 2018

Ready or not, the global oil & gas industry must contend with an ever-changing ‘normal’.It’s a confluence of trends—not just the new pricing paradigm, but rapid growth in renewables along with accelerating technology advancements—that is reshaping the industry. The energy company of the future is...

29 November 2017

The Costa Rican Tax Authority is better prepared to analyze the information received from taxpayers, and even more, to detect those people and entities who are hide from their control, in order collect their taxes. Hence the importance of one of the instruments that the Tax Authority has, which...

21 November 2017

Our country has gone through a variety of stages in the evolution of its currency exchange system, the valuation of currency is based on the reserves that the Central Bank of Costa Rica has, the results from the balance of trade, as well as in those that, are main factors for the fluctuation in...

08 September 2017

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08 September 2017

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08 September 2017

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