The Government of Costa Rica, and its autonomous entities, continue to be the largest buyers of goods and services in the country. The opportunities for doing business are many and varied, and a good legal partner is required to assist in understanding the difficult contracting process with the government.

The publication of an invitation to bid, including the terms of reference, initiates a highly specialized legal process that concludes with specific administrative acts, most of which can be appealed before the Office of the General Comptroller. This makes procurement proceedings with the State a technical and complex task, not only in terms of the financial and legal strategy of the bid, but also in terms of compliance with its formal requirements.

Knowing these proceedings in detail, as well as understanding the objectives of the public administration, are key to achieving a good result for our clients.

Our firm has distinguished itself by being that partner. From tenders for the supply of credit/debit cards and office supplies, to the construction of large public works such as roads, bridges and tunnels; from contracts known as BTOs or "Built-Operate and Transfer," to public works under concession, such as the Caldera Highway or the Juan Santamaria International Airport, are just some examples of the opportunities that the country presents, to national or foreign investment and in which our Firm has been involved.


  • Public Bidding, Abbreviated Bidding and Direct Contracting Proceedings
  • Concession of Public Work
  • Purchases through the Compr@red or Merlink systems, or the Integrated System of Public Procurement (SICOP)
  • Suppliers registration
  • Analysis of Bidding Terms, diagnosis and recommendations
  • Objection remedies
  • Monitoring of cases
  • Bid analysis of other participants
  • Motions for Reversal and Appeal in administrative proceedings
  • Contractual enforcement
  • Price adjustment
  • Penalization Proceedings
  • Prohibitions lifting
  • Administrative Proceedings in court cases