Real estate and Consumer banking

Real estate and Consumer banking

The purchasing power of the country's workforce has increased significantly over the past 30 years. This, coupled with formal access to credit in the country's banking and financial system, makes this department one of the most dynamic in the firm.

The engine of economic growth in developed countries, such as the United States, is consumption, and this department specializes in serving the consumer banking divisions of some of the largest private banks in Costa Rica.

Expocasa and Expomóvil Fairs are a true reflection of this trend, where our banking clients manage to close thousands of transactions in just a few days. Lawyers of the firm accompany our clients in these processes, and also throughout the year.

In the real estate area, our developer clients also receive legal advice in the acquisition of land for the construction of residential, commercial and mixed-use projects, office centers and industrial and free zone parks, among many others. In a second stage, the incorporation of condominium regimes and their regulation or CC&Rs, become ever more complex and strategic to maintain the value of a master planned community over time.


  • Real estate transactions
  • Consumer banking
  • Mortgage and Consumer Credit
  • Condominium regimes
  • CC&Rs for Master Planned Communities
  • Real estate and personal property leases
  • Leasing
  • Guarantee trusts