Human resources are one of the cornerstones of any entity, whether it is for profit or not. Since the middle of the 20th century, Costa Rica has had a complete Social Security and Pension System and a complex Labor Code, which make compliance with these regulations a strategic task for any company.

Our specialists in this area will help verify that the registration with the entities that compose the Social Security System, the timely and correct payment of social security charges, the correct contributions to the pension systems and the design of bonus or variable compensation for top executives, among others, fully comply with labor and tax laws, thus eliminating possible contingencies.

We also work with our clients on complex issues such as the preparation of internal protocols on disciplinary policies, either through internal regulations or guidelines, or through the organization of a Solidarity Association, as well as in the preparation of employment agreements.

We also provide advice on administrative labor proceedings before the various autonomous and government entities, such as the Costa Rican Social Security Administration, the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Labor. We also assist in litigation matters, representing companies in conciliation and arbitration proceedings or in legal proceedings before the Courts of Justice, at any stage.


  • Due-diligence, Legal – Labor
  •  Labor policies and legislation
  • Registration with the Costa Rican Social Security Administration (Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social)
  • Registration with the National Insurance Institute
  • Compliance with Social Security rules
  • Preparation of individual employment agreements
  • Drafting of Internal Work Protocols
  • Internal Work Regulations, drafting and registration
  • Advice and attention to administrative proceedings before the Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  • Advice and representation of the company in conciliations before the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
  • Representation of the company in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms at the private level.
  • Conciliation and arbitration.
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Litigation