Through comprehensive legal advice we achieve an appropriate risk management in the daily business of our corporate clients. Clients that agree with this philosophy, use our services to avoid possible contingencies in the future.

Our timely intervention in strategic alliances, in the negotiation of contracts with key suppliers and in the issuance of opinions prior to the execution of business agreements, translate into better risk management, thus eliminating costly legal proceedings in the future.

This department also manages other specialists that complement its role, coordinated with areas such as Tax, Labor, Environmental or Intellectual Property, bringing specialized lawyers to certain transactions as required by our clients.

Clients also outsource their internal legal departments to us and we permanently assign some of our lawyers to our clients' offices. These inhouse attorneys, also have the support of an entire specialized law firm and the clients also eliminate labor, tax and Social Security contingencies.



  • Day-to-day business transactions
  • Preparation and contract review
  • Board of Directors' and Shareholders' Meeting minutes
  • Modification of corporate agreements and capital increases
  • Notarization of documents, certificates, authentications and legalization of corporate and accounting books and records
  • Business risk factor analysis and risk management
  • Legal Opinions
  • Strategic negotiations (joint ventures or other partnership agreements)
  • Complex structures for business development and innovation
  • Regulatory aspects before the Ministry of Economy, Industry & Trade
  • Unfair competition and anti-competitive practices
  • Consumer protection and defense practices
  • Negotiation and drafting of franchise agreements
  • Protection of personal data