Our country has become a global business hub, with its incorporation into the world economy through the signing of free trade agreements. This has been a clear and defined policy of the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica, by more than 6 administrations, during which Costa Rica has signed free trade or partnership agreements with the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, the Community of Caribbean States, the European Union, Singapore, South Korea and China, to name a few. The Central American Common Market was the first example, with the signing of the Treaty of Managua in 1960, six decades ago.

Through this process Costa Rica has been a pioneer in the region receiving Foreign Direct Investment in different areas, such as the hospitality sector, high technology and medical devices, and more recently in the services industry, where large transnational companies have established in country, to provide administrative or "back-office" services worldwide, both to in-house and external clients.

This trend, coupled with the fact that Costa Rica is worldwide recognized as one of the best countries for retirement because of its weather and security levels, has allowed Costa Rica to receive a large foreign migration. This trend includes highly qualified personnel, pensioners from the United States and Canada and investors from Latin America, seeking greater legal security for their investments.

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